Debarked poles

Our debarked wooden pillars are naturally grown, healthy pillars with straight grain direction. We remove the bark manually or by machine.


Designed according to your request

According to your request, we can manufacture our pillars pointed on their thick or thin end, capped on the other end. We perform pointing on two or four sides, upon request halving or quartering as well as capping.

Length: 0.1 m – 13 m
Diameter: 4 cm – 40 cm
Quantity: 1,000 – 1,500 m3/month.

Areas of application

They are popular components in agriculture, vineyards, construction industry and animal husbandry. Their area of application is generally the construction of fences, barns and electric fences. They are also utilized in flood protection, in the process of rockslide and avalanche preventive pillars.


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How do we operate?


We are known for quick action and ethical conduct

As a result of our company’s size we can serve our orders quickly. We can deliver as fast as within 1 week. Integrity and ethical conduct are the most important for us in every relationship.


We devote great attention to broad selection

We classify each and every raw material according to their quality, finished products and their applications.


We pay attention to quality compliance in every production process

We have developed our operation and processes to satisfy strict requirements and high expectations.

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We have been involved in forestry and timber production for two decades. We personally participated in the forestation projects in the Nyírség region in the beginning of the 2000s. We are very experienced about the characteristics and real value of Wattle. Wattle wood raw materials can serve their users well for decades.

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