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As a result of our natural progression, we stand as a dynamically growing company in a field we have dominated for over 25 years: forestry management, wood processing, and trade. Our goal is to leverage the geographical advantages of the region to implement responsible, long-term forest management that not only brings professional recognition but also prioritizes preserving a livable environment for future generations. With the products of our quality acacia processing, we aim to conquer the global market.

Recognition of the versatility and unique properties of acacia (Robinia pseudoacacia) is spreading far and wide. In Europe, acacia is the hardest and longest-lasting wood species, resisting extreme weather conditions and pests. The lifespan of products made from acacia wood can exceed 50 years in outdoor environments. Furthermore, from an environmental perspective, it’s important to note that Hungarian acacia can be an excellent alternative to plastic and metal elements. Our processing plant, built on Europe’s largest and highest-quality acacia forest stock, guarantees quality and sustainability.

Our connections with forest owners managing thousands of hectares ensure long-term and reliable cooperation. We deliver over 700 truckloads of products worldwide each year.

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