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We can manufacture every imaginable product from Wattle wood, according to our customers’ needs. Our products’ main areas of application are forest protection, agriculture, vineyards and gardening, as well as fence building. The furniture industry, wood covering materials and playground equipment are also part of our broad product spectrum. We wish to offer high quality processed Wattle wood products to the world.

An increasing number of people recognize and like the diverse usability of Wattle (Robinia pseudoacacia) that is a result of its unparalleled features. In Europe Wattle is the hardest and most durable tree species, it resists extreme weather conditions as well as insects damage. The lifespan of products made of Wattle can exceed 50 years. From an environmental protection aspect it is important to mention that Hungarian Wattle wood can be an excellent alternative to plastics and metals. Our processing facility is based on Europe’s largest and highest quality Wattle forest stock.

We are partners with forestry owners who manage thousands of hectares. This makes cooperation predictable for the long term. We ship 600 trucks full of products to every part of the world each year.

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